How to do a side-by-side photo with iPhone & Android

16 min. to read

Greetings, dear readers! When it comes to photo manipulation in this blog, I usually talk about complex operations like creating seamless collages, moving or recoloring objects, etc. But there is not always a need to do something complicated, right?
Adding Text to Images on Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone

15 min. to read

Many users have repeatedly encountered a situation where you need to impose text on the image. In fact, there is nothing complicated about it, but depending on your device, the editing tools to do it may differ.
HEIC: all about the modern format. How to work with it on a Mac

12 min. to read

Images on the iPhone 7/ iPad Pro 2017 and newer models are saved in HEIF format with a .HEIC extension. HEIF photos and HEVC videos take up half the storage space of popular JPEG images and videos without losing quality.
How to Sell Stock Photos Online and Boost Your Passive Income

34 min. to read

Nowadays stock photography is commonly used type of commercial photography.
How to remove glare from a photo

17 min. to read

In some photos, the glare is part of the idea and looks beautiful. In others, it gets in the way, and sometimes even spoils the picture.
Forward to the past: how to make digital photos look like Polaroid

16 min. to read

Want to learn how to take pictures that look like a Polaroid? In this article, I will talk about three super easy ways that still do not cost as much as consumables for the legendary instant seal.
How to Make a Flyer in Photoshop: Step-by-Step Guide

14 min. to read

Adobe Photoshop is an excellent application for photo manipulation and graphic design. It is most often used in images that people will view on a computer screen, but it doesn't stop there.
How to Get That Grunge Texture in a Photo Background in Photoshop

8 min. to read

Create a unique atmosphere in your photos with grunge texture effect.

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