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Sakura Blossom Looks

Lightroom-Presets by Ev Tchebotarev



This set of Looks for Luminar is specially designed to bring color and vibrancy to your flower photography. Perfect for your spring photos, these Looks convey a sense of brightness and peace. The best part? This pack is absolutely free.

Mach Fotos wie dieses

Mit den mitgelieferten RAW-Dateien kannst du ganz einfach Retusche-Tipps ausprobieren und lernen, wie man solche Fotos macht.

© Amy Tran
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Sakura Blossom Looks(40)>
Vorher Danach
© Andy He
Sakura Blossom Looks(41)
Sakura Blossom Looks(42)>
Vorher Danach
© Crystal Kay
Sakura Blossom Looks(43)
Sakura Blossom Looks(44)>
Vorher Danach
© Iewek Gnos
Sakura Blossom Looks(45)
Sakura Blossom Looks(46)>
Vorher Danach
© Pavlo Klein
Sakura Blossom Looks(47)
Sakura Blossom Looks(48)>
Vorher Danach
© Zhaoli Jin
Sakura Blossom Looks(49)
Sakura Blossom Looks(50)>
Vorher Danach

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Entwickelt von

Ev Tchebotarev

Worldwide Photographer and VP of Growth in Asia, Skylum

 <p>Ev Tchebotarev’s journey behind the lens started back in 1999 with just an Olympus 3040z. It’s been a magical journey and a whirlwind love affair ever since. </p><p>

Ev spent the next 12 years nurturing his love of photography by growing his staggering collection of stunning images, organizing photo walks, and, of course, building and cultivating 500px, his life’s work. It only takes a quick peek at Ev’s photo galleries on 500px and Instagram to see it. </p><p>With an eye trained for beauty, Ev has helped judge some of the world’s most prestigious photography contests: Red Bull Illume, Photo Life, and the Sony World Photography Awards.

Today, Ev remains a committed photographer. </p><p>Since joining Skylum to lead the effort in Japan, South Korea, and emerging markets, he has continued to create original Templates to help creatives all around the world. </p>                           

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